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Talking Volumes: Elizabeth Gilbert on being whole

I have been a little ticked off lately.

Actually it’s more than ticked off.  I am actually angry.  Angry that our minds are apparently shrinking day by day with fear and judgement.  Angry that there is so much  . . . crap on the air waves that it is hard to tell the truth from the lies. Angry that it’s not opinions that we are sharing, but pure rage.  Angry that a woman would be beaten while merely picking up her children at school just because someone has decided that it’s all her fault. Angry that this is who we are.  Angry that we are not learning from the past thousands of years. That we can’t kill someone else without killing ourselves too. That we can’t eradicate the bad, without eradicating the good too. Angry that this world is not safe to go to a movie, a school, or a restaurant. Angry that I could be randomly shot, or someone I love, or even someone I don’t know yet, while walking down the street, in my city, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, North America, The World.  Angry that we jump to conclusions about who is t…

Why making deals is not a good deal

Four years ago, my life was levelled.  Not plateaued.  Levelled. The difference is this: When something plateaus, it is said to be existing on a stagnant plane.  Sort of an inactive, constant, and possibly complacent state.  When one is levelled, it means to be decimated. To be sent back to the beginning.  If one were a number, one would be a zero.

So four years ago, I went from a six digit income and a career to . . . nothing, because I chose to stand up and not back down. I chose to say no, instead of yes. I chose, some might say, selfishly, to act on my own integrity and well being.  In short I chose  . . . me.

I have to say the fallout was not what I expected. I wasn’t thinking about fallout. I was thinking about survival at the time. Survival of the moment.  Of finding my way past this terrible impasse and moving beyond it.

I did inevitably find my way past the impasse because I gave myself a deadline, and I drove the process to my deadline.  There was fallout for about two year…

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