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Preparing for Launch: How to be Pink Flamingo in Brown Duck Pond

As a writer, the story never really ends, even after the final sign off.  I signed off on this baby, November 16, 2014. I began writing this story in 2006 and then again in 2012, with an intention that was unclear to me at the time. Over time and after each draft, not only did my intention for the book become clear, my intention for the way ahead also became clearer.

There were four stories written in all:  Died of a . .  (2006), Standing Up and Standing Out (2012), Learning to FLY (2013) - all of which were more like 'histories' of a time past, and finally Painting the Sky, which carries elements of the 'histories' but only to provide context for the story of living in the present and in possibility.  

In 2012, the first draft of over 90 pages flowed like water off a duck's back. But it was all the bad water.  I had to rethink my intention, and find purpose in the telling of the story.

People ask me what this story is about.  This story is a journey, like all sto…

My practice: Living Well

I document this so that some day I will know that I was able to move my body. 

Virabhadrasana - Remembering the warriors who walk among us.

Virabhadrasana I (Sanskrit: वीरभद्रासन ) or Warrior 1 Poseis an asana commemorating the exploits of a mythical warrior.
Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. This day is reserved for our warriors - those who fought for us and for our freedom.  Thanks to them, we are free.  

In yoga, we practice Virabhadrasana to pay homage to the warrior who lives in each of us, to find the balance of holding on and letting go, to face our fears and our insecurities, to find strength in weakness and to find humility in ego.  
The Sanskrit name for the Warrior is Virabhadrasana - which translates to hero (Vira) and friend (Bhada).  The name of this asana is rooted in Hindu mythology.  The story goes like this: 

A high-powered priest named Daksha threw a party but did not invite his daughter Sati and her husband Shiva, an even more powerful guy who also happened to be the supreme ruler of the universe.  Sati decided to go alone and when she arrived, she and her father got into an fight.  Unable to withstand his insu…

The Suits of Armour: See you Later

OK, so I have moved the majority of my former life clothes out of my closet and into another closet. The plan is if I don’t want to wear them when they are out of sight, then they must be out of mind.

The next step to decide what should stay and what should go. My plan is to pay it forward, just as one of my mentors did for me many years ago.

I remember the day one of my mentors invited me out to her car at lunch. She opened the trunk, and  there it was  . . . Nirvana.  A trunk full of suits.  She asked if I would be able to pay $300 for the entire wardrobe and I did, even though that was a lot of money to me at the time.

It was the best $300.00 of my life, because as I wore those suits, I started to feel more confident, more professional and I felt like anything was possible.  She didn’t say it at the time, but this was her way of helping me to improve my professional image in the workplace and increase my self-esteem.

As I started to wear the clothes, people started to notice. I …

Warrior: The meaning of the Word

When I was a weekend reporter working for the local newspaper many years ago, I would write my stories and then hover over the copy editor’s shoulder to make sure he didn’t change anything.  To me, words are placed, not just written.  Sentences are woven, not just strung together.  I take my stories and my words seriously.

What saddens me is when I see powerful words drifting into the cliche when they are used incorrectly or for marketing purposes. Today, I am thinking about the word “Warrior”.

In the summer issue of SKY, I wrote “The Love Story of a Warrior and her Wingman.” The warrior is Dionne, or ‘Warner Warrior D’ as she calls herself, and her ‘wingman’ and husband Graham.  Dionne is an eight time cancer survivor who does battle with cancer every single day of her life, for her life.

In the same issue, I wrote about three women and their stories about fighting cancer in a story called “Warriors under the sky.”  There was Nicki, the patient nurse, who fought colorectal cancer, Leah …

The Suits of Armour: Series #1

It was 2009.  I was an acting vice president.  I was in New York attending a Risk Management conference and working on deadline to complete the Annual Report. My daughter and her friend met me in New York to see the city.   So while I was in conference all day, and working all night, my daughter and her friend enjoyed the city.  I hope to see New York someday, but I have no regrets leaving this suit behind.  That was then, this is now, wearing Sara Armstrong 2013 Collection, Levis, and Vince Camuto shoes at Vancouver Fashion Week.  

My Suits of Armour: Series

This is the way I dress now.  My closet is full of suits that I no longer wear. These suits were my armour when I worked in my previous life in the corporate realm.  To me, it is a realm, like another place that exists in another time.  I described them as my suits of armour. I wore them to do battle in the corporate world of brown ducks.  It was my way of hiding my pink flamingo-ness, although never completely. There was always a splash of defiance - a red sole, an over embellished string of pearls, a men’s tie.  So I have decided to clean out my closet.  I have had a little trouble with this over the past three years admittedly.  I have attempted to shuffle them off many times, but I just keep putting them back in their place from season to season.  Why do I have trouble with this, I ask myself.  I know the answer. I am attached to each piece for what it represents.  So I have decided to send each piece off in style.  Stay tuned.