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I am relevant, even if I am invisible.

I am on the precipice of my own making.   I am relevant, even if you don't know anything about me. I am relevant despite my age.  I am relevant and so are my experiences. I have something to offer.  I am relevant.
It occurs to me that the more I learn about people, the more I am amazed by what I don't know about them.
In my work as a magazine publisher, business strategist and writer of the human experience, fitness instructor and yoga-teacher trainee. I help people get somewhere by creating an environment for them to express themselves, either through movement, through plans and strategies, or by publishing their stories and distributing them.
In the process of doing this work, I learn about how amazing people can be, how they can confront challenges and face their fears. I learn about how people find a way to carry on and do good things with their talents and time, even when no one is watching. I learn about the unsung heroes that walk among us in yoga studios and grocery stores.