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Flamingo Management 101

In the work and life pond, Pink Flamingos and Brown Ducks can flock together famously and with fervour. The key is to understand these birds of a feather.

Pink Flamingos tend to be creative, integrative thinkers. In nature, the flamingo thrives in caustic environments.  In folklore, flamingos are associated with celebration.  Flamingos are colorful - in fact, the brighter the feathers, the healthier the bird. Flamingos are given to flash mob dances for reasons unknown. Pink Flamingos are outgoing, gregarious, creative andlikeable.
Ducks, while capable of creativity and integration, tend towards linear progressions.  In nature, ducks enjoy comfortable environments, and in fact, migrate during the winter. In folklore, ducks are associated with sedentary objects, like decoys, book ends, kitchen gadgets and tub toys. Brown Ducks tend to be more conservative, predictable and linear.
In the work and life place, sometimes there are clashes between the creative thinkers - the artists, the writ…

A freedom loving flamingo's guide to living in the now.

Lately I have traded in my strategic planner's future-seeking, visionary spectacles to focus on the present tense, the here and the now.
I have observed that sometimes there is a gap between living and loving life and the things that we actually do. What happens then is we become unhappy, discontent and unhealthy.  Over time, we lose our ability to be productive and contribute to the best of our abilities and talents.
This is a concern, because human beings are fragile.  We all react to this negative stimulation differently. Some people check out at home or at work. Some people give up on their health and happiness. And some people break, at least for a while.
I believe that as people, we deserve more than an existence of perseverance. We deserve to shine in everything we do.

Present tense is the state of being that deals with the now. The present tense excludes yesterday and leads to tomorrow. The present tense is when things happen. Think about that. Nothing can happen yesterday, no…

What is a pink flamingo? Or better yet, who?

Today, I heard quacking, but then I realized I was just listening in the wrong language. Of late, I have been observing the fowl world and more specifically communication, adaptation and behavioural strategies.

My name is Lynn Armstrong. I am such a pink flamingo, working in brown duck world.  As a strategic planner and writer over the past 16 years, I have worked with some of the brightest minds, helping them to forge new directions and bringing those futures to life.  
I am particularly interested in the contrast between the flamingo and the brown duck because I find these feathered friends to be very familiar with our own species in the world of work and life.
When one thinks of the flamingo, we think of bright colors. The brown duck is often associated with predictable (I did not say dull), guarded behaviour.
The flamingo is thought to be gregarious, fabulous, fiery and flamboyant. The brown duck is staid, serious, safe (dull?) in appearance.
The flamingo celebrates and dances, w…