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The Legality of Abuse

A person is standing in front of a moving vehicle, and you do nothing. He is ploughed over.

In the world of rules and laws, there are some things that I have learned recently about what I like to call legally supported harassment.

In a situation where someone is being bullied and harassed, we have little or no control as an outsider.  The person who is suffering is the only person who can stop it. The problem is, that person is suffering and living in a nightmare. That person is making deals with his or her abuser, and hoping that things get better. That person is suffering through the death of something that was once special to him or her, so the emotions are high, ranging from anger to remorse, to forgiveness, and back again.

Recently I tried to step in and help someone.  I was told there was nothing I could do, that the person suffering would need to come forward.

That person was unable to come forward, I told them. He was suffering under an emotional weight. His health is suff…