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The Virtues of a Rock and a Rolling Stone

Ponder the virtues of a rock. It is an inanimate, non living thing that seems to just sit there. Not so, says the rock. Rocks erode, crack, crumble and wash away. They become mountains, and then filter streams. Rocks are the sands upon which we walk. Rock causes quakes. They destroy and they protect. There is no such thing as a good rock or a bad rock; a rock does not decide. It just is. And we accept that and respect its power.
People are made of flesh, bones, hearts and souls. Our existence is both fragile and powerful. Unlike the rock, we can take some control over our change. We can decide what we want to change to and from. We can decide what we want to accept or not. We can decide what to put into our mouths. When to exercise. What to read. What to think. Who to like and who to ignore. We have the power to walk away from a bad situation, and the power to stay.
As the saying goes, the rolling stone gathers no moss.  No responsibility.  And that is where the analogy ends between …

My smile is sans botox

My dad always told me that you can say anything to anybody if you are smiling. I took that advice to heart. A smile is a powerful thing. When you smile, people usually smile back. Smiling and laughter are good for what ails you. And when the going gets tough, the tough smile back. 
Work and life does not have to be a struggle, but it is sometimes. People invest a majority of their lives in working, so wouldn`t it be great if we liked work, and if we all got along. 
Years ago, when I was a young planning zealot who believed in the joy of the balanced scorecard and the power of connecting people to purpose, senior managers would sit back with their arms folded across their chest, glaring at me. Actually they were quite often gritting their teeth, hunkering down in defiance.  And their faces showed it - lines so deep they could be river systems.
I remember times when I would walk into the building, push the elevator button and tell myself to smile. I would smile all day, through thick a…