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I take my yoga without politics please.

I drink my coffee black.  I chose a politics free life and I am committed to doing good things and living well.

In my pursuit of living well, I practice yoga, among other things. Yoga grounds and inspires me at the same time. It lifts my spirits and reminds me that miracles are always occurring. It tells me that I am always changing and never standing still, so there is always room for something more, or less if I chose it.

My yoga is about living in possibility.  It challenges me both physically and mentally, and it keeps my ego in check.  Yoga teaches me about the power of the mind and living with intention.  The more I practice, the more I carry these discoveries off the mat and into my life, so I can take more chances, be more compassionate, and maybe inspire someone along the way.

I recently had a conversation with a fellow yogi and soul mate about the other side of yoga. I am talking about the politics of yoga.  Again, I choose not to participate.  I am not apathetic at all. …

My Yoga Community

Flamingos are community types.  They have a gregarious nature, and they love to party.  In the wild, flamingos gather in large flocks. This serves to protect them from their predators - large vulture-like birds - that can swoop down and take their young.  Flamingos need a long runway, but when they do fly, they paint the sky.

When I left my corporate life behind in June 2011, I was immediately on the outside looking in.  My fishbowl friends swam on without me.  The corporate world to which I belonged was no longer mine. I had to find another pond.

My daughter suggested that I find a new community.  Quite honestly, I had no idea what that meant.  Had I ever been part of a community?  Did I even know what that would look like?

I got busy trying connect with other people who I thought I would have something in common with.  I joined business groups for women and started attending events and functions. But I never felt a connection. I remember going to events and feeling like I had to…

Practicing in the Wind

I recently read that fall is the season governed by the Ayurvedic vata dosha.  I don't pretend to understand the ancient art and science of yoga. I  am a student of yoga. So I am learning.  But when I read about the winds of a vata-induced tailspin that takes one away from the centre and throws one out of balance, I could relate.

Vata Dosha governs movement in the body. It controls blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and movement of thoughts across the mind. 
Our daughter and son-in-law recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. My special name for him is "King."  As in King of the Jungle. I think of the song, the "Lion sleeps tonight" when he finally falls asleep. He is a big boy, born at 10 pounds, 1 ounce, but he is a newborn. So his challenges are many. Born only 11 days ago, his life on the outside is consumed with how to get enough of his food source that was literally delivered to him on demand on the inside.  
Wind or vata is a big …

Moment of Truth in Business, Story Telling and Yoga

In my yoga and business practice, the moment of truth is when the light goes on. It is when the perfect combination of good thinking, good intention, good people and good execution come together. I have found this to be true throughout my life whether I was leading a corporation up the hill of what's next, writing, publishing a magazine or leading a yoga class.

An article was recently published in the local newspaper about the business of yoga, featuring some of the leaders in our yoga community who each have a shared commitment to helping others in learning, practicing and teaching yoga.

I have a bias to share on the topic of yoga. I am also a yoga teacher in training, a journey that began in January 2013 when I was accepted into the year long, 300 hour Bodhi Tree Teacher Training program, with Colin Hall and Sarah Garden. Over the course of the year, in becoming a teacher, I have learned that it is more than just calling out poses. It is about understanding who is the room and …

Be the Wrecking Ball

To twerk or not to twerk. To ride a wrecking ball naked or clothed.  To shave one's head or not.

I can't say I would do the same things, but I might have metaphorically speaking.  Miley Cyrus is today's most recent modern day metaphor for the historic struggle for women to be recognized for intelligence and their voice.

If a man were to ride a wrecking ball shirtless (we would not say topless), we would not object. In fact, we would probably admire the vision as long as it was well defined. Or we would laugh.

Sinead O'Connor recently weighed in on this topic because she said she was being repeatedly asked for a statement by the media.

"I wasn't going to write this letter, but today I've been dodging phone calls from various newspapers who wished me to remark upon you having said in Rolling Stone your Wrecking Ball video was designed to be similar to the one for Nothing Compares . . . So this is what I need to say . .  And this is being said in the spirit …