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My Little Girl

Today I was ready to drive out of town to visit some clients for the upcoming issue of SKY Magazine.  On my way there, I telephoned my daughter to see how her day was going.

Her voice crackled. “I’m not very good today.”  “Why?” I asked.  “Because today is our baby’s first day at daycare and I am having a hard time being without him. I miss him.”

Why don’t you go pick him up now, I asked.  She explained that he was sleeping and didn’t want to to disturb him now.  She said she had to get used to this because babysitters and day cares are difficult to find and giving up the spot means not being able to go to work. As I could feel her broken heart through her voice, my heart broke too.

Most mothers have to work, and so that means childcare is a necessity in life.  I remember the first day that I had to leave my little girl with a baby sitter, and I cried all day too.  As a mother, we don’t often have the opportunity to do what we want. We do what we have to do to raise our children jus…

I have a ‘still’ story

In the still of the morning light I still plant each foot down with a 'Thank' and 'You’.

My breath still reaches into each new day and your faces still appear to me as the smiles I met.

Thanking you still for being the beautiful spirits you are.

Still, everyday is a chance to get it right while stilling my chaotic life right now.

Am finally divorced and more freely, still me.

Still waiting to hear from PDAP regarding my claim re: flooded basement.

Still hope for having my own home mine for the winter.

Doctoring still with follow ups, next in October and December.

My oncologist still evasive, saying only, see you in 3 months, still living the 'no news is good news' and still believing the curb holds all I have kicked there. Finding joy, a continuous and welcomed process still.

I am in a financial stillness with whom my bank and debtors and I are still not liking, still the bare minimums met to buy me more still more time.

Keeping still my graceful strength in God A…

Why I never write unless I am smiling

When I began blogging on Tuesday May 5, 2008, I created some guidelines:
1.  Have something to say that is compelling and that may help others.
2.  Be sensitive to the various audiences who may be reading.
3.  Smile.

My first post was about business planning, titled Riding the Business Planning Cycle, on my Lynear Thinking. At the time, I was a business planner helping executives, boards and employees climb the proverbial hill of vision.  I wrote the post in such a way that if the CEO of my company read it, he would be OK with it.  That post has received 14 page views to date.

On May 14, 2010, two years later, I wrote “How to be a Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond” which as of today, has had 7,739 page views.

My first post was informative, yes, but not entertaining.  It was sensitive to audiences and potential readers, but not compelling.  Was I smiling when I wrote it?  Not likely. In fact, business planning is not / was not a laughing matter in my world at the time. It was and i…

Who I am: Excerpt from book launch website

It's been three years, seven months and nine hours since I fell from the sky and began to fade to white; three years, two months and five hours since life as I knew it changed; three years, two months and five hours since I started over; two years and three months since I started to write my way to freedom, 39 drafts, 26,000 words, read and lived 832,000 times; 22 months since I started to fly again; five hours since I looked back and reminded myself that it was yesterday; five hours since I heard another flamingo share the same story with me.  I wrote "Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond" has a way to break the silence, find freedom, and ultimately learn to fly again.  My hope in sharing this story is so that others may also find freedom, or at least know that they are not alone. In the process of writing the book, my intention was to understand the story that kept telling itself and holding me back, and the role I played.  In doing so, I would be able to move forward do…

Write me away

Write me away. Write me away through the pain Through the darkness Write me away through the sadness Through the disappointment  Write me away  To another place where everything is alright Write me away for not being strong enough For not being good enough For not being brave enough Write me away for disappointing you  For letting you down Write me away Where it’s OK Help me find the words that free my heart That give me strength, courage and hope  Let me find the my words so I can say them  Out loud So others will hear me  and say them too.  - Lynn Larson Armstrong,  From “Died of A . .” 2006