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Confessions of a Goal Junkee

John Lennon is my poet.  His lyrics are the lyrics of my heart.  My teacher.  I never met him, but I have listened to his words all of my life, unravelling the message behind the music, which somehow told the stories of my life and informed my questions.  He is a great story teller who can capture the human experience, and express it in such a way that we say, "me too."

Inspired by the great poet John Lennon and my love of words, all my life I have only wanted one thing:  to be able to understand and express the human experience and write about it in a way that connects to a universal truth that we all share. 

Admittedly I took a left turn by circumstance.  I grew up in the 70's in Saskatchewan, so other than CJME 1300  and KTel records, my musical or literary influences in life were quite limited, unless you count the many summers of Waylin and Willy blasting as I was trapped in the middle back seat of my parent's car on the way to the farm at 60 miles/hour, windo…

Write Me Away - Excerpt

I had written poetry before, but this was different because it was not my intention to create poetry.It was my intention to journey through words to see what they would say. The first poem in this collection, “Write me Away” established the intention to be free and to explore, to give way to the flood of images that, when translated into words, would embody a poetic heartbeat and pulse.

Excerpt: The Belly of the Great Whale

The irony is, during the time, I can honestly say our team worked together fantastically. We had to come together and we did.We made it palatable for each other.We laughed and joked about dedicating days of the week to use our powers for good or evil (Week 1: Good – Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Evil – Tuesday, Thursday.Week 2:Good – Tuesday, Thursday; Evil – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.) We had a “That was Easy” button that we slam victoriously after we dealt with a difficult duck. We cried together on days when it got to be overwhelming, because that was the best we could do some days. From our vantage point as a service area, we saw things.When things got tough, I used to say, “We need to keep our eye on our own ball and let whatever happens outside of our area happen.”

Some Grounding Thoughts on Flying - Excerpt

Finding BalanceAchieving balance is something I always said I wanted but quite honestly had no idea what it meant or how to achieve it.Through yoga I have developed a better understanding of balance in a tangible way.Balancing on one foot in a tree pose for example, requires that the standing foot is rooted in all four corners of the foot. Energy travels upward from there, lifting the knee caps, thigh muscles and into the rib cage. Hips are evenly balanced across the body, as are the shoulders. The neck follows the spine.On the mat, in order to achieve balance, we are constantly in a state of grounding and lifting, pushing and pulling and contracting and expanding.This is true off the mat as well.
In order to find balance, it is important to understand that balance is also about being aware of what we give and take, and what we are holding onto and letting go of.
Holding onto something is easy, because it is something that we hold near and dear.We hold on onto our values, our principles…