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Losing my religion

That's me in the spotlight.  Losing my religion.  Trying to keep up with you.  I don't know if I can do it.  Oh no I said too much. I haven't said enough.
Something has happened to me and it changed me.  I thought it happened on the day that I stood up to bullying, but I was wrong. It happened long before that. It happened all along the way but I just didn't see it, and then one day I did.  One day the light went on and I could no longer accept what I had been allowing but could not see.  One day I saw what was there all along, and it was blinding. I had no choice but to react. To protect myself.  To say something.  It wasn't glorious. It was painful, and there were consequences for my defiance.  There continues to be. It was a battle ground that I wish I could have walked away from, but it seems that was not my destiny. On the day that I could finally see, I could not look away, or walk away.  I had to choice because my eyes were open and I was suddenly aware, co…