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Learning to Dance Again

I recently met a flamingo who has temporarily lost the will to dance. I found her afraid and lost, wandering and frustrated, trapped inside a cage of self -doubt and questioning.

She had been a successful flamingo. Her resume of accomplishments well documented and well supported.  She was a leader who led with compassion. She could create a vision and plans to get there.

She built her resume managing, maneuvering and navigating the ponds of the ruling duck-tators. She had become adept at managing the most caustic of environments, and in fact, flourishing and stepping up to the plate when her duck counterparts scattered for the weeds at the first sign of trouble.

The fact is, she is not alone. The burden of this stress weighs heavily upon many of us. We put all of our energy into making the business successful, to the death. In the throws of war, we don't realize that we are literally being consumed - eaten alive - by the situation.

Flamingos are not weak beings.  We do not scatt…