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Learning to Fly and Questioning Why

The other day I was sitting in a yoga class. We were talking about yoga as an entity - a tangible thing that we define for our own purposes.

An entity is a thing.  Something that exists in a tangible form.  To some people, yoga is exercise.  To other people it is breathing. To some  people it is a means to manage pain.  To some people it is stretching, flowing, standing or sitting.  There is a pop culture aspect to yoga.  Some people do yoga because they like to say they do or be seen to be doing it.

In the end I guess all those are valid reasons to do this thing called "yoga" because all those things are good things, including being seen to be doing it, since that can lead to movement, exercise and breathing.

There is a lot of talk about the philosophy of yoga these days, and quite honestly, the more I attempt to learn this thing called yoga, the less I know what I thought I knew.  My learning curve seems to receding as the awareness of ignorance increases.

There are lo…

The Red Thread

I have been thinking about threads lately, and what they mean.

First, the concept of threads came up a few weeks ago when I was working on a draft of book 2.  My daughter is a fashion designer and artist with a head for business strategy and focus.  I was feeling like there were too many words and I was having trouble connecting them.

She asked me what is my red thread.  She said it is a metaphor used in fashion design. The red thread is the thing on the garment that stands out. It is the thing that connects the elements of a collection and speaks to the whole.

Brilliant.  In all my years of corporate strategy, I had never looked at it this way before.  So I went in search of my red thread - the passion that connects the work.

This second conversation about a thread came up on recently in a conversation with a friend and fellow business owner and yogi.  She said that one has to define the threads and that there must be a connection.

So I started mapping this story on my chalk tabl…

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World

On this day of Remembrance, I feel sad for those who lost their lives in lands so far away for our freedom.  I feel sad for the lives that were never lived, and the potential that we lost as a human race.

I feel sad that we have not yet learned how to be compassionate towards each other, let alone stop waging wars.

I feel sad that there are people today suffering this very moment, that while I sit here pondering tomorrow, some people will not have a tomorrow by virtue of this very lesson not yet learned.

I feel sad that we have not yet figured out how to be nice to each other, let alone not hurt each other.

On days like this, I feel sad for the people who fought for our freedom then, and those who fight for their freedom now, right here on our very streets.

I feel sad that we have not learned this lesson yet, that our children's children will continue to live in this world that seems to become more angry than the one before.  
I feel sad that tomorrow we will forget, until we ar…