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I have been a little ticked off lately.

Actually it’s more than ticked off.  I am actually angry.  Angry that our minds are apparently shrinking day by day with fear and judgement.  Angry that there is so much  . . . crap on the air waves that it is hard to tell the truth from the lies. Angry that it’s not opinions that we are sharing, but pure rage.  Angry that a woman would be beaten while merely picking up her children at school just because someone has decided that it’s all her fault. Angry that this is who we are.  Angry that we are not learning from the past thousands of years. That we can’t kill someone else without killing ourselves too. That we can’t eradicate the bad, without eradicating the good too. Angry that this world is not safe to go to a movie, a school, or a restaurant. Angry that I could be randomly shot, or someone I love, or even someone I don’t know yet, while walking down the street, in my city, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, North America, The World.  Angry that we jump to conclusions about who is to blame. Angry that I know I am being manipulated by someone at this very moment, just like you.  When does it stop? When do we learn? It’s just too much.  

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50 over 50

These are things I know for sure.
That time is finite
That beauty is subjective
That every day
 both time and beauty
as it was defined mere seconds ago
That life is too short to fade away into the background of time.
That life is too short not to ask for what you want, and expect it.
That life is too short to wait, and wish.
That there is a price to pay, but the time spent wishing is a greater loss.
otherwise I know

Not sobbing. Just streaming tears.

For my friend, D. 

Arms stretched forward, heels together, and legs reaching the outer edges of my towel,  I close my eyes, breathing, listening to the sound of my breath,  paying attention to its cadence, to its depth.  With each breath, my chest would rise and fill, my spine lifting and releasing. 
My body is alive beneath me - no it's actually vibrating.   There is just too much stimuli. Too many thoughts.  Too many things to do. Too many questions. Too many doubts.  Child's Pose - a total surrender - a total shut down of my nervous system
to cradle it back to life.   
Breath comes in. Breath leaves.  Body lifts, then lowers, lifts, then lowers.   My chest falls closer to the bathroom floor.  Knees widening as the weight of my body pushes its way through
this barrier of bones, tissue and muscle,
submitting to the the floor, free falling with each breath. 
The tears start to come. No they are streaming now.  And I am breathing.   I don't stop them. What's the use? Th…

Living an Audacious Life, in Shoes.

I am just flying home after a week in Vancouver, visiting inspiring shops, and buying shoes for the fall season. This is our third buy since taking over the store and giving it a new life.

The word for this fall season is "Audacious".

To have the audacity to stand up and stand out in your own personal vision of who you are.
To have the audacity to walk into a room and own it.
To have the audacity to know what you want, and to go for it, unabashedly.
To have the audacity to fall in love, and learn to land on the way down.
To have the audacity to   . . . you.

Everyone asks if this is my dream come true, and I guess on days like this it is.