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Happiness is Fearless.

Most of the time, I feel like I am on fire, completely and utterly engaged in what I am doing.   I am always in the next place, always planning, always taking steps to where I need to be.  I move through the world intuitively, relying on my gut instincts to guide me.I am a fast learner, so I am also not afraid to stop and change directions.

I am intensely aware of time and space, and I always know what I want, and generally how to get it.  And when things don’t go my way, I become impatient, but I don’t give up until I am actually finished - and when I am finished, it’s always my choice, my decision, my way. That’s the way it has to be . . . because I don’t deal with not being in control of my destiny. And I don’t like the word “no"; I like the word “how.”

Some years ago I attended the Queen’s University Leadership Program.  Leading up to the program, my family, co-workers, friends and bosses provided feedback on their experience with me.   During the week, we participated in se…

When Doves Cry

Annie Defranco - When Doves Cry. 
Feeling this today. 

On Laughter and Forgetting

Dear Page 48,

Hello, it's me again.
Six years now.
How time has flown.
Not really.
It has actually been very hard for me.
I wish I could say it has been easy.
That freedom is great and was worth every single moment of humiliation that I endured that day and many days after.
The truth is, you hurt me in a way nobody else ever has.
I have tried to put you where you belong, which is nowhere in my life. I wish I had never met you. I wish you had not been in my life. But wishing is not real.  What's real is that for some reason, you were there, and then I was there, and the rest has been my history, because I imagine you have not spent a second thinking about what you have done.

I remember the first encounter on that day in a room full of people, when you questioned why I was even there.  I stood there, waiting for the person who actually placed me there to respond. Looking back, on that day, I wish I had walked away, but I trusted in my leaders, as I aways had, that their i…