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Just a woman.

I write this word every day and in many ways.
I don’t think you will ever understand how free I wish I was.  
You will never know how much you contain me
with your ideas of who I am,
or what I should be,
what I should wear or
the colour of my hair.  
And because you try to define me the way you wish I was,
you will never know who I am.
I am no one to you, after all.
Just a woman.

Yoga, Bliss and the Water

"Vitarka vicharanandasmitaroopanugamatsampragnataha"“In the state of conscious awareness or sampragnata samadhi, special logic is accompanied by the appearances of, or experience of meditation in which all experiences and thoughts exist, accompanied by bliss and the experience of just ‘I am’.”
- Patanjali Yoga Sutra #17
There are perfect moments in yoga and in life when we are both grounded and lifted, holding on and letting go. These moments are rare, at least for me. Usually my mind is continually working and thinking about something or someone. I worry about my business, my children, the future. I worry about getting older, and I am conscious of time, all the time.  There is not enough time, I tell myself, to do all things that I want to do.

And while I live in this constant chatter that is chattering on, I take refuge in the small moments in between - in the spaces between here and there. In fact, I go in search of those moments.

Yesterday I participated in a workshop in…

The Secret That I Keep

I have a secret that only me and my closet know.
This secret is inconsequential to most, as I am just a woman among millions since the beginning of time.  But nonetheless, I am a woman, and this is my story, my secret, my cross to bear.   Every day, I walk into my closet, naked.  I stand there, in the middle, looking from end to end, from suits and coordinates, to jeans, and dresses.  I gaze upon the shoes on the shelves, hoping for inspiration to begin dressing this body.  Every day, I ask myself - who am I today, and what will I wear?  How do I feel?  On those days when armament is a necessity, I select an appropriate piece.  I emerge, strategically clothed, body parts carefully concealed, as a woman coming out of my closet.