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Sinéad O'Connor performs 'How Nice a Woman Can Be' - The Saturday Night ...

Therapeutic Yoga for the Flu.

Therapeutic Yoga for the Flu.

Now on my 6th day with the flu, where I can honestly say I have no memory thereof, and I now detest the taste and smell of chicken noodle soup, there is still yoga, hot baths, yoga, hot baths and yoga.

Thanks to the Rebelle Society for summing this up so nicely for me to share with you.

Namaste and feel better soon.

Sweet Child O Mine / Taken by Trees

Makes me think of my daughters who are both living their lives and striving to be the person they envision themselves to be. As a mother, it’s hard to let go, but as a friend said today, ‘you raised them to be intelligent, thinking people, and so they are.’ Sweet child of mine.

Speaking of Voice

I wonder if when men speak of over coming challenge, do they refer to potty training a child? Or perhaps bringing a perfect recipe over the finish line?  Do they talk about their physical features with their friends? Do they make plans for their lives hoping the women in  their lives will follow then and forsake their own plans?
That last one is a trick question.  To that, I might say, more often than you think.  To the first three examples, I seriously doubt, but maybe I am wrong. 
As a business person, I pride myself on doing an above average - no excellent - job at what I do.  I bring in my projects over the finish line on time with objectives realized and I do it in such a way that my customers know that they are appreciated.  The job that I do has nothing at all to do with the fact that I am a woman.  
And so when we attach titles to women who are in business, as “women in business” I find it demeaning.  I am a woman, according to all the gender determinations set forth by natur…