I have a ‘still’ story

In the still of the morning light I still plant each foot down with a 'Thank' and 'You’.

My breath still reaches into each new day and your faces still appear to me as the smiles I met.

Thanking you still for being the beautiful spirits you are.

Still, everyday is a chance to get it right while stilling my chaotic life right now.

Am finally divorced and more freely, still me.

Still waiting to hear from PDAP regarding my claim re: flooded basement.

Still hope for having my own home mine for the winter.

Doctoring still with follow ups, next in October and December.

My oncologist still evasive, saying only, see you in 3 months, still living the 'no news is good news' and still believing the curb holds all I have kicked there. Finding joy, a continuous and welcomed process still.

I am in a financial stillness with whom my bank and debtors and I are still not liking, still the bare minimums met to buy me more still more time.

Keeping still my graceful strength in God Almighty for in all this stillness He resides in me and will always still be beside me.

Looking forward still to a future date with you four dynamic women! I am still okay. "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise" (still the best catchphrase of Gomer Pyle) Laughing still.

Still Spiral,

Tango Warrior, three time cancer survivor

Posted with permission by its creator.