The Secret That I Keep

I have a secret that only me and my closet know.
This secret is inconsequential to most, as I am just a woman among millions since the beginning of time. 
But nonetheless, I am a woman, and this is my story, my secret, my cross to bear.  
Every day, I walk into my closet, naked. 
I stand there, in the middle, looking from end to end, from suits and coordinates, to jeans, and dresses.  I gaze upon the shoes on the shelves, hoping for inspiration to begin dressing this body. 
Every day, I ask myself - who am I today, and what will I wear?  How do I feel? 
On those days when armament is a necessity, I select an appropriate piece. 
I emerge, strategically clothed, body parts carefully concealed, as a woman coming out of my closet.