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Queen_Who Wants to Live Forever/I Want to Break Free

For my friend Denise.  You know you mean the world to me.


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50 over 50

These are things I know for sure.
That time is finite
That beauty is subjective
That every day
 both time and beauty
as it was defined mere seconds ago
That life is too short to fade away into the background of time.
That life is too short not to ask for what you want, and expect it.
That life is too short to wait, and wish.
That there is a price to pay, but the time spent wishing is a greater loss.
otherwise I know

The meaning of life.

In my dreams I see people Walking, Going places, Loving, Wondering, Wishing, Dreaming, Being.
In my dreams I hear people Telling stories True stories Of love, Of loss, Of journey, Of celebration Of sadness Of joy . . . .
In my dreams I feel people Wishing for more To live each moment More fully than the last To embrace this life For all of its beauty To love And to be loved
In my dreams I see people Walking Through their lives And with each step Their vision Being realized.
That is my dream. To feel. To live. To be alive.
The meaning of life.  Of my life.

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