Who do I think I am?

My name is Lynn Armstrong.  I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, dog lover, health-advocate, fitness instructor, yoga student, yoga teacher, sister, writer, etc.  These are roles, they are not me.  I am a possibl-ist with a passion for helping people connect and find meaning.  I am vulnerable and imperfect, unique and different. I am scared at times.  I am grateful to those who guide me through the fire and inspire the way ahead.  I am but one of many voices, a conduit in the human experience who uses words so that others may read this and say, "me too".  I am a pink flamingo who lives in colour.  I am the leader of my own revolution to stand up and stand out. I do a mean chaturanga. That's who I think I am. This is my journey to change the colour of the sky.

-Excerpt: Chapter 1 - How to be a Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond."