`I am sorry`.

It surprises me how difficult it is to say three simple words: Ì am sorry. ` 

In my experience raising two daughters through the school years of school yard struggles, high school cliques, bad boyfriends and nasty jobs, I always believed that many things in life could be solved with a simple apology as long as there is an intention to do better. 

Saying these three simple words is an acknowledgement that something has happened that affected another person in a negative way. When someone says I am sorry we feel that our pain is acknowledged. 

Ironically, we often say these words when someone experiences the loss of a person, a pet or even a car. I am sorry is part of our vernacular.  When we accidentally bump into someone, or step on their toe, we say I am sorry. 

But what about when it really matters - like when we treat someone carelessly and hurt them. Do we say it then, or do we not for fear of accountability. When and how did we become so careless with each other, I wonder. Has politics overridden good decent human behaviour? 

Today I had some news that reminded how powerful an apology can be, and equally hurtful its absence.It would have been so easy, but it never happened. Maybe some day it will. In the mean time, all we can do is be kind and hope that it catches on.