Flamingos, Mice and Freedom

People say I am crazy.  I left a six figure senior level corporate job last June after a series of events that created a bad environment for my employees, and me.  It was the first time in my life that I had ever left a job without another job in the waiting.  There were good reasons, and faced with that situation again, I would not change a thing. 
I learned something of great value from that experience, as horrible as it was.  I always say that values are those things for which you would stand in front of a moving train.  I found my values, and the moving train.
As a result, I have clarity about the kind of people who I want to work with and for, and the kind of leader and employer that I will be.  I came face to face with the decision between money and self-respect, and I chose self-respect. I also learned that I am strong enough to stand up for my values, that I am resilient and that I can learn to dance again in the face of adversity.
With that knowledge, I know that I can do anything.
Shortly thereafter, I launched Lynear Thinking, a company dedicated to working with companies and individuals who are interested in socially and economically viable creation. I am the creator, owner, and instigator of a new way of doing business.
Our focus is to provide management and motivational support to help companies incubate, create and evolve good ideas.  We are mice running with elephants.  Flamingos floating among brown ducks. We speak the language of business, and we instigate change in the market place by changing the competitive model that says you need to be big to be profitable.
Not so, we say.  The business model is based on a shared service agreement between and among professionals who have the skills that business needs to be successful, the heart of an entrepreneur, the soul of an artist and the humility to serve others. We keep overhead low and deliver. We believe that it is possible to be small and competitive when people work together and bring their best to the table every time.
We are a product of both revolution and evolution.  Change is needed, but it takes time and lots of painstaking thought and consideration, especially when one is shedding institutional cultures, politics and thinking processes. It’s like making a u-turn with a ship.

I am convinced the work of good planning, business services and communications delivered in a cost-effective and professional manner is essential to business success.  I am also convinced that soul-killing companies that make money without care as to how they treat their people or whether they are helping or hurting society are going the way of the Dodo bird.

We are mice working as mice, not mice working as elephants. We quack when we need to, and we dance because we are free.