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ZÖE 10,000 Steps

The video launching the ZÖE Spring collections at Saskatchewan Fashion Week.  With appreciation to  Aaron and Sherona Sinclair,  Crushed Rockets, and Christina Bourne, actor and voice.

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"Write hard and clear about what hurts."
- Ernest Hemingway 

The last time I did this, it took me two years, 39 drafts and about 82,000 words until I was finally able to let it go and be free.  "How to be a Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond" was published December 2014. I just learned this past week that Chapters Regina is going to stock my book on their shelves.  It will be in the local writer section, which is cool.  Maybe someday it will be bigger and important.  I don't know.  Maybe by serendipity . . .

I didn't write Pink Flamingo to make money. I wrote it to write about what hurt.  In fact that I would make money never occurred to me.  The point was to write hard and clear about what hurt, so that I could let it go.  And I did, to some degree, although not completely.  I still look back sometimes at the chain of events that precipitated that book and ask myself how I could not have seen that coming.

The hardest part about what hurt was that it was a…

A Shoe Story

Why. I really don't know most days.

Every day, I stand back and look upon my creation and I think how surreal this life is. I find myself wondering, and being asked by others, how I ended up here in this place that I never intended to be. The owner of a shoe store.  Not just any shoe store, but the shoe store that literally has carried me through my life.  And here I am.  In the place between here are there.  On the precipice of my own making once again . . .

February 1, 2016, I walked into a 29 year old retail business known then as Zoe's Boutique.  Aside from a brief stint at Kristy Allen in the 80's, as a sales person, I had never worked a day of retail in my life. I did not have a point of sale machine, or any of the tools that I needed.  No accounting system. No bookkeeping system. No inventory system, just a list of inventory counted and recorded not more than two days earlier. I had a plan to reinvent this business, from the brand up. To breathe new life into this …

The Voice of the Butterfly

Somebody years ago with whom I shared a tumultuous relationship called me a butterfly.  At the time, he was pretty frustrated with the fact that he couldn't nail me down to save his life. He was my boss. The conversation went like this:

Him: You are a butterfly, flitting about from here to there, I can't catch you.  Me:  Then stop trying. Him: [Mouth open, asking himself if I really just said what I just said . . . ] Me:  OK. Don't worry about it. I will keep you in the loop. You will always know what you need to know.  Him:   Ok then. 
That was the first time I had heard that, but he was right.  I am a butterfly.  He didn't fire me, but on the other hand, it never occurred to me that he might.  I am a butterfly. And butterflies were meant to be free.

Being a butterfly isn't always easy in a world that loves to put people in boxes and containers with nice safe labels on them.  Have you ever tried to put a butterfly in a box? Please don't, because a butterfly …